TAX and Compliance

We resolve the complex tax problems for our clients and give our clients a peace mind. Our success rate in resolving the tax problems is nearly 100% to date.

We deal with different taxation issues which include:

  • Corporate Taxation,
  • General Tax Issues,
  • Value Added Taxation (VAT)
  • Individuals Taxes,
  • International Taxation,
  • Payroll Tax,
  • Customs (Tax on imports and Exports),
  • Tax Administration,
  • Taxation on deceased estates ,
  • Taxation on insolvent estates,

Our Tax Practitioners are members of: The South African Institute Of Tax Practitioners (SAIT).

Our Tax and compliance services include:

  • Tax Registrations
Submissions of Periodical tax returns for organizations, this includes:
  • Tax Disputes resolution
  • Tax Clearance Certificates
  • Submissions CIPC annual returns.
  • COID Letters of Good Standing
  • Tax planning: We work throughout the year to offer you the capacity that allows you to operate your business in a manner that will give you the TAX advantages, legally reduce your tax bill and save you some time, money and hassle.