Registration Services

We offer the affordable and fastest Business secretarial and registrations. Our registration and secretarial services includes: Urgent Company registrations, BBBEE certificates within 1 hour, Registrations for different taxes, New Tax clearance, Business profiles, business plans and more. Below is a Price List:

Companies, CCs and Other entities

1. Company registration (comes with unlimited share certificate)
2. CIPC returns
3. Change of address
4. Change of name
5. Change of directors (cc)
6. Change of directors (pty) ltd
7. Share certificate
8. Retrieval of company documents
9. INC company registration
10. Co-operative registration
11. NPO registration
12. Accounting letter
12. CIDB registration (grade 1)

Tax registrations

1. Business income tax registration
2. Tax clearance certificate
3. Individual tax registration
4. Customs license (import and export)
5. VAT registration

Employer Registrations and other services

1. PAYE/employer registration with SARS
2. Business UIF registration (Dept. of Labour)
3. Domestic employer UIF registration
4. Compensation fund /COIDA registration
5. Letter of good standing
6. Returns on earnings submissions

Other Services

  • Business Profiles
  • Business plans
  • CIDB Registrations (Grade 1)
  • CIDB Upgrades
  • CIDB compliance